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★ Name: Anna
★ Origin: C-Town
★ Birthday: 4 November
★ Blood type: A (supposedly creative & fastidious, 笑)
★ Astrology signs: Horse / Scorpio
★ Occupation: All-around annoyance
★ Hobby: Snapshot photography
★ Ethnicity: 2 kinds of Asian
★ Can be bribed with: Ohtoro sushi
★ Favorite color: Cerulean / Bondi blue
★ Usual faces: Shifty (> _ >) or demented (o v O)
★ Current obsession: ARASHI
★ Philosophy: Absurdism
★ Bible: Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics
★ Basic personality: Fairly self-destructive

Product of a very strict all-girls private Catholic school system so, in theory, she could either be a promiscuous flirt or a repressed fuckwit. Perpetually peeved about the fact that she's only five feet tall. Wants to be a seasoned aviatrix, professional tarot reader, lounge pianist, mythology professor, and drummer for a rock band when and if she grows up. Her dearest wish is to travel all around the world and take loads of pictures until it's physically prudent for her to settle down in one place (read: until she's dead). Has kinky hair prone to episodes of unwarranted anarchy. In dire need of a good haircut.

Dogs, movies, typewriters, snapshot photography, reading, dancing, absurdity, animal rights, archetypal psychology, backpacking, 手話, classic video games, drumming, interspecies friendships, indie fashion, colors, tiny quirky shops, robots, 嵐, meditating in nature, obscure references, piercings and tattoos, perfumes, science fiction, 書道, dolls, sad love songs, sigilation, people-watching, symbology, sushi, 3 a.m. rides, 日本 TV shows and book covers, old-fashioned letter-writing, strawberries, 星空

Waiting, text lingo, cold-blooded animals except fish, fashionistas, pointless awkwardness, being in the middle of large bodies of water, minty food (feels like I’m brushing my teeth while eating), American talk shows, people who don’t see the point of animal rights, self-assured ignoramuses, litigiousness, daguerreotype portraits, sore eyes, laxatives, ticks and fleas

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33 facts about me:
01. I was a big fan of Menudo when Robi Draco Rosa and Ricky Martin were still members.
02. Sometimes, I taste colors and see sounds. I also hear voices. In my head.
03. I can't pull off the cowboy hat look. It looks good only when worn ironically.
04. Years of Roman Catholic indoctrination make me feel guilty of just about anything. I tie my shoelaces, I feel guilty.
05. I went through the goth phase in my teens and early 20's. I believe I was rather irritating.
06. I've been told I have Autistic-like tendencies.
07. Immoderate consumption of coffee can dry me out but not prevent me from nodding off and drooling on my keyboard.
08. I'm secretly in awe of people who can spew literate vitriol. I'd be too angry to speak or write coherently.
09. Self-proclaimed "fashionistas" annoy me the most.
10. When I stare at myself in the mirror for 30 seconds or more, I'd suddenly get the feeling that what I'm seeing is an entirely different girl. I keep waiting for her to talk to me, reach out from beyond, scratch her nose, or something. Creepiness...
11. Everything has to be in count/s of 1, 3, or 8, though I have passing affection for 5 and 7. 11 is my favorite number.
12. I have a thing for guys with feral smiles.
13. I like horror films but I try not to watch them. The scariest scenes tend to stay in my mind longer than they're welcome, quite prime for instant recall when I'm all alone in the dark.
14. I'm aware my English grammar is atrociously pretentious, though I have yet to be told that. Nobody has caught on yet or everybody did but were too nice, scared, or indifferent to tell me. XD
15. I prefer rain to sun. I hate floods but thunders make me happy.
16. I live in t-shirts and jeans these days because I'm disgustingly lazy. When I make conscious effort to dress up, I always come off looking like a smarmy 70's schoolteacher.
17. I promised myself that I'll start wearing only dresses by the time I hit 40.
18. One of my pet peeves is sharing interests with people I dislike.
19. The sound of my own voice is grating even to me. I'm amazed nobody has taken to wearing earplugs around me.
20. My favorite shades range from Bondi blue to Cerulean.
21. I love the idea of vintage stores but it would be a million years before I buy anything from them.
22. I tend to give off an antisocial vibe but I don't mind making new friends, especially talkative ones to offset my awkwardly quiet self.
23. I crave rib-cracking hugs. Nobody give those anymore.
24. Thinking about global warming puts me in a state of anxiety. I try to conserve the environment in my own way without succumbing to fits of helplessness because of the seeming futility.
25. I like the smell of new books, freshly-mown grass, and wet dog fur.
26. Whenever I'm in a social setting, I try to affect a gentle open look on my face. It's less threatening than the smirky one I usually unconsciously sport. Unless I'm drunk, in which case all bets are off.
27. I believe my birthdate accounts for most of my problems.
28. I dabble in tarot whenever I'm in the mood. Still bad at it, though. I'm just not sincere enough no matter how hard I try.
29. I care for humanity but I hate people. I know I can't live without them so I employ self-depreciation as a means to deal with them. Arrogance, especially the baseless kind, just causes unnecessary trouble that I don't have time for.
30. My curly hair is both the boon and bane of my existence.
31. Current obsessions include skincare and Jpop.
32. For the life of me, I can't carry a fuckin' tune. I love people who do.
33. My dream is to live alone for a few years in a foreign city, Wong Kar Wai-style.